Jennifer Rose


Last year I discovered Car – Boot Sales. We don’t have something like that in  Poland. Well… If we had I would definitely know about it. We have street markets but people sell new things there. They also sell food, fruit and flowers. Old things, you can find  in second hands shops but they are mostly clothes and often they are a bit smelly.  So car boots were a real discovery for me. I bough there many interesting things but the biggest surprise was Jennifer Rose. One nice and sunny Sunday I went on car-boot  with some colleagues.  As usual I lost them somewhere cause all of this junk attracted me incredibly. I wasn’t looking for anything particular, just hanging around, going from one place to another. Suddenly I noticed something nice in a box. It looked like a doll, but it  was all wrapped in a foil so I couldn’t see properly.  Only what I could notice was creamy color, perfect for my room!  The man said his mom was collecting dolls. She died and he wanted to clean the house so he was getting rid of all the stuff he didn’t need. Sad. Maybe he didn’t know what his mom was really collecting or maybe he really didn’t like dolls because he sold me it for £3,50!  I took the box, and I noticed that actually my group of colleagues is gone. Thanks God we have mobiles those days!
When we got to the car I opened the box and I was shocked. It was really beautiful doll, bride, with a number on the back side of the neck and with the Certificate and her name was Jennifer Rose. The sign on the box and on the Certificate informed me it was Hamilton Collection Doll. The rest of my group wasn’t very impressed by my purchase but I was perfectly happy! I absolutely forgot how old I was and believe me or not… I spent the rest of the day… playing like a little girl!



Christmas Gift


I have a new – old treasure for my collection.  Almost 50 years old lamp. It has marble base and It’s written it was made in Italy. It was bought in Harrods, long long time ago. I’ve got it from my uncle Bill, who also was playing a bit with some pictures he took on Christmas Day. I choose this pics because it’s funny, It’s two of me and a lamp is still the same. I am helpless lamps lover, I’ve already have 6 in my small, small room. Thanks God, I’ve sent two home because I would have 8 🙂


Creative toilet :)


Are you gonna believe it! This is a wall in a toilet in my favorite pub! Well… maybe that’s why this pub is my favorite. The name of the pub is “Dew Drop Inn” and it is in Eastbourne (UK). They have many great ideas there and I will have to jump there next time with a better camera. Those pics are from my smart phone. I made them when I was there for the first time. I just wanted to have a quick wee and what a surprise! I discovered those funny tiles in the toilet! Whole wall! For me, this is brilliant! I already started to search for something like that. I still have a toilet to finish in my house. I think I will make it like this one. Why not? Let’s be creative. And crazy! So, if you guys, know where can I get tiles like those, please, please, please, let me know. Write me in comments, give me links, be good, be nice, be useful! Come on, write and for your effort you can get the great discount on my Daisy Ribbon Brooches. 


“The Lady with The Brooch”

Wow, wow, what a picture I’ve found! The title is “The Brooch. Eva Mudocci” and it’s known also as “The Lady with The Brooch” 
It was painted by Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944), Norwegian painter and graphic artist. Eva was a very talented English violinist, Munch met her in Paris. He was very inspired by her and I red they were a lovers^^ 
What a discovery for a brooch designer! 

Moment where the music, painting and brooches are coming together. I love the style of the picture  – black and white, bit symmetrical.
By the first look you may not notice The Brooch. But, believe me, it it there, just have a second one!
If you know any other examples of brooches in art, please let me know and I will share your discoveries:)


Georgeously painted bulls!

I want to show you what I’ve found during a walk in Roermund, small town in Holland. I went there a year ago, to visit a friend. Our friendship have finished a week after my trip but this is another story. Anyway, I’ve found those bulls.
They are very interesting, aren’t they? They remain me Spanish style but I an not sure if they are Spanish. Now i think It’s a shame I didn’t ask where there were coming from. Were they imported from other country, or just made by local designer. Anyway, wherever they are from, they are just gorgeous! If you know where to find something like this let me know please. I don’t think I will go back to this town again. It’s just life.


More lamps for my bedroom!


This what I love the most in the evening is the atmosphere created by lamps. I adore lamps and I have more and more of them. My collection is growing! Well made lamp, delicate bulb and stylish shade in lovely color can make your room egzotic, romantic… sexy. Delicate light is going good with nice smells like incenses or natural oils and with good music. I don’t need anything more to relax… Ok, maybe just my boyfriend^^ And this is gonna be the end of that story, I’m sorry, I know it was such a interesting moment! 

Now I wanted to tell you what I’ve found. 

I’ve found more lamps. Turkish – Morrocan lamps this time. They are handcrafted by hundreds of small glass pieces! You probably know this kind of lamps. I’ve discovered them long time ago in, sort of, Turkish restaurant. In that time I wasn’t brave enough to just buy one and hang on my wall. Now I promised myself to do it finally. It would change a bit my Indian bedroom and make it bit Turkish – Marocan, lol. I just still don’t know which one I should buy – ceiling lamp, wall lamp or night table lamp? My God! I will definitely go crazy!